Projects and activities that I collab or involved


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, several activities were carried out through video conferences. In October 2020, at the invitation of the Feira Gráfica de Lisboa organization, the artist Rod participated in a conversation about “graphic activism”. After recording the conversation, his participation was limited due to the organization's decision to respond to the request of other participants who requested that they be removed from the conversation for alleged protection of image rights.

In the information below, you can understand the whole process. From this event, some products were created, such as: posters about tokenism that were displayed through urban interventions; the installation "Injustaposição“, which was shown in 2021 in the context of the Bairro em Festa Festival, organized by Largo Residências, a paper in the form of an essay that was published in 2021 in Revista Contemporânea  and a video installation (below) created by artist Dusty Whistles.

Vídeo  realizado no contexto do evento ocorrido com o artista em Outubro de 2020 na Feira Gráfica de Lisboa. A partir da técnica de pastiche a artista Dusty Whistles criou um objeto artístico-pedagógico em que é possível perceber com maior clareza as etapas de silenciamento a que fui submetido durante a situação ocorrida.

Conception and Editing: Dusty Whistles
Duration: 00:33:20

Some cultural projects that I collaborate with or have collaborated

Non-profit organization with a mission to defend and promote the rights of people in Portugal and to combat racism in all its forms and dimensions, demanding policies and practices of equality.

Bee. starts from the idea of a beehive, from a collective work of alliances and proposals capable of building a more horizontal, more equal, more inclusive city. Bee. comes to connect artists to formed a cast of queer artists.


Urban intervention in a central region of Lisbon already familiar to both groups and composed of a transatlantic flow of immigrant and black bodies. Political awareness activities, participatory mobilization.


Multidisciplinary platform of anti-racist educators. Main objectives: (re) thinking about Education and creating an Anti-Racist journey - based on the Portuguese reality and its dialogue with Afro-Brazilian experiences.

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